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please submit your articles or photo’s on nudism/naturism.


tumblr batch upload (FB)

please submit your articles or photo’s on nudism/naturism.

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or naked , and be merry

Sunbathing in the version for the brave . For nudists regarded as a form of recreation
and relaxation. High dose unhampered and a sense of freedom. stirs controversy
the fact that nudity can be equated with sex , pornography , and even perversion . for
view naturist naked body on the beach there is sexual stimulation . It is something
completely normal and natural .

>> , , According to the definition of naturism Naturist Association is as follows : it is a way of life in harmony with nature , characterized by the practice of shared nudity in order to generalize the model consisting of respect for himself and for other people and the whole of nature. , , <<

Naturysty obviously can not meet naked in the middle of the city. Nude show only in circumstances where it is convenient , and the rest on a beach or a visit to the sauna , home .. etc. . These people show up " as God created them " in separate places. Only in areas where nudity is perceived positively.

The fact that only show nudity in several places, this does not mean that they are not naturists all the time. It is a way of life , not just showing nudity . Important for them is to take care about the aesthetics of the environment, living in harmony with nature. Also limit the drugs. It is important to take care of
health , both mental and physical , and the aesthetics of the body.

Naturism is for everyone,

always looking for others who love the freedom of being without clothes! it does not matter whether you are a nudist .. single , married , family, straight, bisexual , gay ect. if you naturystą and you have your photo posted , please send them to me . , Hobbies and interests : Amateur yoga , Fishing , Hiking, and photography. You can see my personal photos .. :
NSFW ...

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. If you want to submit your articles or image on this topic / nudism / naturism / ... Please :::: my e-mail ...


thank you ...

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